About Us

We are a full-service agency that will purchase or consign your stock lot and distribute it across the globe. We provide top quality products at competitive prices; working with leading brands and highly established channels of distribution to ensure customer satisfaction on all levels. We utilize the Internet to aggregate both supply and demand and create a more efficient market for liquidation merchandise. We provide consumers and businesses with quick and convenient access to high-quality, brand-name merchandise at highly discounted prices.

GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION is one of the fastest growing wholesalers of outlets clothing in North America. We offer stock clothing, the end collection of known and respected brands. Our goods have guarantee of high quality at a fraction of retail.

Founded in 2009 GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION initially offered a small amount of clothing distribution on the local market. Thanks to technology and unique advertising methods, our business quickly turned into large warehouse distribution. The dynamic development led to the expansion of goods distribution throughout the North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia

Currently GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION leads effective export to over 30 countries, in the union and beyond.


During our expansion, we have established well respected partnerships with manufacturers and suppliers of clothing outlets across the world. Import a large amount of clothing directly from the manufacturer allows us to offer clothing at the lowest possible price on the market and the continued availability of goods.

We know that today's market requires rapid adaptation and introduction of newer and newer solutions to sales and marketing. Thanks to the acquired experience, we have developed a unique sales system that allows the buyer to achieve maximum profits. It is based on the foundations of sales techniques, building trust, makes both the seller and the end customer are fully satisfied with their purchases.

We offered outlet clothing, the end of collections, stock apparel, production surpluses of reputable manufacturers. Our offer includes not only women clothing, but also men and children.